Scholarship - Application Conditions


Foundation Scholarship - Terms & Conditions

All applicant of Al Madinah Internation Foundation (MIF) - Foundation Scholarship - should fulfill all the term and condition as set by MIF to get the scholarship. The terms and conditions is as the following :

  Applicant must be a Muslim.

  Applicant must get placed in authorize institute of higher education and the institute must listed in the selected institute of Al Madinah International Foundation.

  Applicant should take either Degree Study or Master Study or PHD Study as a full time student or with credit hour of 15 to 18 hours on the current semester.

  Applicant does not receive any others scholarship sponsor.

  Incomplete form of application will not be accepted and only those selected applicant only will be informed by Al Madinah International Foundation.

  Foundation scholarship only sponsor and support the first time taken subject only. Repeated subjects sponsor are not included in the scholarship sponsor.

  If the applicant was withdraw or suspended or dismissed by the institution with any reason, the scholarship sponsor will be stop immediately.

  If there any conflict regarding to the applicant qualification for the scholarship application, the decision made by the Scholarship Committee are final.

  Applicant must provide application form and proof of disability in term of financial.

  Applicant approval of scholarship application are based on approval of Al Madinah International Foundation.

  Al Madinah International Foundation have right to change, add or remove any term and condition and also the scholarship scheme anytime and whenever Al Madinah International Foundation deem so.

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