Al Madinah International Foundation Scholarship

Al Madinah International Foundation has already done a lot of scholarship sponsor to the needy students. The main purpose is to reduce their study burden intern of study fees or daily spending. This scholarship sponsor has already begun from the year of 2009 until current time being.

Scholarship Information

Iftar Sponsorship at The Month of Ramadhan

Ramadhan, the ninth month in the Hijri calendar, the month which all Islam people are needing to fast. During this holy Islamic month, Al Madinah International Foundation is taking advantages to sponsor the iftar for those people who successfully fasting for the whole day. Foundation already sponsored this iftar in many places in Malaysia.

Iftar Information

Food Basket Donation

There is a lot of poor and needed families in Malaysia. On top of that, Al Madinah International Foundation taking advantage to search and help these peoples. So far, there is a lot of families gaining this benefit from this food basket donation. Among the donation items are rice, oil, sugar and many more.

Food Basket Information

Homeless Aid Mission

Homeless mean that peoples who does not have any fixed place to stay. They are sometime begging to sustain their lives. Al Madinah International Foundation is taking advantage to help these peoples. During night, foundation team will look for them and helping them by giving them foods. The foundation aims to hold this homeless aid mission throughout Malaysia.

Homeless Information

Well Construction Donation

Well project is initiated by Al Madinah International Foundation starting from 2017. There are some locations that is already benefit from this donation. Purpose is to help the peoples at the location regarding to the water issue. All the cost was fully sponsored by Al Madinah International Foundation. Hope with this well donation, local people can gain benefit of fresh water and no more worry regarding to the water issue.

Well Information