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Al Madinah International Foundation Strategic

Al Madinah International Foundation is a charitable organization that used appearance model in which integrate the Islamic charitable tasks modernly and use a sincere model based on Islamic civilization. Hence, the strategic based features used by Al Madinah International Foundation is as the following :

Leading in the award of institutional feautres interm of methods of handling the charitable tasks, leadership and training.

Achieve the global dimension in the charitable tasks which based on the agreement and coordination, which is an important elements in order to achieve the foundation's strategics.

Working in integrative methodology for the planning and establishment of developing projects ; not only limited to the institution works in term of charitable tasks but also throughout every life aspects.

Emphasis through the institution freedom dan not ideas from any other party either directly of indirectly and their distance from the politic and ethnic conflicts.

Focus on only humanity mission based on foundation transparency objectives.

Considering of using the scientific methods in the collection of funds and investments and presented to the beneficial receiver by following institutional objective policy.

Developing of fixed source to the charity through the investment of donation is already allocated on the long-term project. The usage of the funds is on the correct ways based on the Islamic ways.

Coordinate and collaborate with charitable, regional and international organizations.

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