Our Objectives


Al Madinah International Foundation Objectives

Al Madinah International Foundation was established in order to fulfill the increasing of the need of poor peoples, especially in Islamic world. There a lot of Muslim people that live in exigent and full of crisis life. On top of that, there is a lot of reasons that bring to the establishment of Al Madinah International Foundation. Hence, the objectives of establishment of MIF is as the following :

To contribute in fighting the contagious and dangerous disease that spread throughout the world and to reduce the speed of spreading.

To contribute in reducing poorness and jobless that is expanding in mostly Islamic country.

To exterminate illiterate and ignoring of spreading of scientific world; by constructing educational institute and training center and as well help to the needy one.

To simplify the way of acceptance of knowledge through cyberspace network.

To give help services to the community, contributing to improvement and capacity and developing of original sources; to live in honorable community.

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