Introduction of Al Madinah International Foundation

Al Madinah International Foundation (MIF) is a Non Government Organization (NGO) that is based on Non Profit Organization, instead, determined to receive and manage the funds for education, scientific and charity purpose; all is for the community welfare. Foundation support the world program to help improve the government system, laws, public community, development and international interaction. Foundation working together with private sector and the community to support the development of leadership and institution.
Foundation was registered under the Commission Company as a company who is "Limited By Guarantee". MIF was established on July, 2008. Main activity of Al Madinah International Foundation is to help the poor students that need the help to continut their study to the higher level. Another activities done by MIF is as the following :

Community Development (mosque, school and university)

Education, help in the education thing for all level of community.

Help the poor and marginalized peoples.

Execute and encourage Islamic religion tasks.

Foundation also received trusted at Arabic Nation as in the Islamic Religion Departments and Waqf Departments of Arabic Nation which them work together and helping MIF in term of transferring funds for the needy peoples. Foundation will always committed in helping and developing the Islamic nation around the world. In Sha Allah.
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